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Quick Guide to Marvel's Female Solo Titles and 15 Female Lead Characters RIGHT NOW in August 2014



New or returning to Marvel comics, or have a friend who is? Here’s the Cliffs Notes on Marvel’s female-led solo titles and 15 lead female characters RIGHT NOW in August 2014:

1. Captain Marvel
WHO SHE IS: Carol Danvers is an Avenger, pilot, and all-around…


Movie Stars Revisit Their Famous Role

Tom Mison at the Brave New Warriors Panel (SDCC 2014) [x]











Matt Barr

Has anyone come up with a ship name for Abbie and the new guy?

Nope. I think we need to start one.

His character’s name is Nick Hawley. The first name that came to me was Nicabbie.

nbrownx5 thanks! LOL! Nicabbie, not bad.

He’s a pretty boy. I would have loved a pretty boy bounty hunter- they tried making him grow that messy beard and putting that gross grease in his hair for his character but he should have just looked like this. I want him to be cute and romantic and pursue Abbie doggedly but respectfully and then turn around and strap a demon to a pew or something. I want crane to be wildly jealous. I want this guy and Abbie to have like a legit relationship and crane to be annoyed by it even though he knows it makes him a huge hypocrite because he’s still hanging on to the Weeping Willow

Okay maybe my feels for this fandom are waking up again

Nice visual (the bold).

This ship has not won me over. but..Weeping Willow lmfao

I don’t think this ship has won anyone over, but it is fun to play lolol…Weeping Willow is priceless LOL

Hahaha y’all called Katrina a “Weeping Willow

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